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Post a comment - Covered in Scorpions

Dec. 29th, 2010

11:49 am

A few very short movie reviews!

Black Swan: Horrorier than a horror movie.

Little Fockers: When the funniest thing of a comedy movie is, during the end credits, a youtube-style "remix" of a scene that wasn't actually present in the movie, that says something pretty bad about the movie.

The Tourist: Johnny Depp looks a bit chubby and can no longer act (unless he was being directed to act like a chubby Jack Sparrow for a character that should be nothing like that). The ending is the most predictable ending ever, except that I was pretty sure I'd read a review that said it wasn't that ending so I was a bit surprised after all (and disappointed because I was expecting a better twist). Not bad, not memorable.

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