January 19th, 2005


(no subject)

Time for hypothetical questions. Imagine you are famous and popular, and also single. Lots of people fancy you, and you often get declarations of intense emotions that you can't tell how seriously to take them, eg. "I'm your biggest fan", "I love you". You have taken to pretty much brushing people off (politely), as the only way to still have any time to yourself. If someone fancies you, and they're actually a good person for you, you wouldn't have any way of knowing this. What would be the best one-line thing for them to say to get you to give them a chance?

Similarly, if you thought a famous single person is great and would be a good partner for you, and you met them somewhere, what would be the best one-line thing you could say to them that would catch their interest, if they are as good for you as you think they are?

And in closing, a rhetorical question for the many "powerful wiccans" out there. I know there aren't (m)any such reading here, but it's a rhetorical question you can pass on to anyone who claims to be a powerful wiccan. If wicca really exists, why do bad things happen?