January 25th, 2005


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Ho ho ho. The American tax bastards decided to hassle me about ancient taxes again, as they have done for essentially every year since I moved there, two years later each time. Since I've been not living there for over a year before this one, it might be the last time. Every previous time they've pulled up some stupid technicality with an incorrect premise and told me that we owe them a bunch of money. Each time, I've redone the papers, fixed their faulty premise, and added a few deductions that I'd been too lazy to bother with the first time as a punishment for bothering me, resulting, each time, in them owing me money.

So this time, rather than having me re-do a bunch of papers that would allow me to tell them that actually it's them who owes me money, they decided to audit. Upon completing their audit, they discovered that they owe me $300, and sent me a cheque. Will they never learn? Just leave me alone and keep what I give you, tax people! I'm not trying to lull you into a false sense of security so that I can commit massive fraud when you finally start trusting me, I'm just lazy and don't want to take time to write tiny details on your special blue and green paper. But hey, if you want to keep auditing and not making me do anything, and then realising that you owe me more money, that'd be cool too. Take it out on the other taxpayers who'll have to make up the difference. I'm sure you're paid by the hour, so all your wasted auditing effort is well worth it for you personally.