January 31st, 2005


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The other day, as I often do, I purchased a kilogram bag of baby onions. The most recent bag of baby onions, however, contained an anomaly.
thalidomide baby onion
Depicted there, on the right, is a common baby onion. On the left is the anomalous onion, significantly larger than an average adult onion. What sort of freakish onion mother gives birth to a thalidomide baby onion like that? I hope it was at least delivered by onion-C-section to spare the onion-mother the agony that such a birth would entail. Unless she was an onion-ogre, in which case no doubt such onion-babies are normal and can be delivered naturally.

Or perhaps the onion-collector somehow mistook an adult onion for a baby onion, much as a lunatic might mistake this 'baby' from the unlikely movie 'Vampiyaz' for a real baby. Or an onion.
I would like to make it clear at this point that I did not watch the movie 'Vampiyaz', merely read a review of it at SomethingAwful. I did, however, eat the mutant baby onion.

Unrelatedly, the movie Nothing is quite good. Delightful macabre design, the sort of thing Tim Burton is credited with but not actually very good at. Shares creative talent with 'Cube', but is better. Worth seeing, but not worth going to a cinema for. Which is unlikely to be a problem, since it's not a cinematic release.