February 3rd, 2005


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Bees!I've recently finished making an online Java version of a board game I designed some time ago, Bees! It can be played (and the rules can be found) here. People who are familiar with boardgames fairly quickly make the statement that it's like a cross between Abalone, Chess and Go. I'd add maybe a dash of Shogi to that. It's been tested a few times, but not extremely thoroughly so you may find a bug, in which case I'd appreciate a report of it - after you've checked the rules to make sure it's not just something you didn't realise was supposed to happen.

To play it you will need an opponent. Anyone who knows how to contact me is welcome to do so for a game of Bees!, assuming I'm awake at the time. Anyone is more than welcome to grab a friend and play against them. If you have two people at one machine who wish to play, you can just log in once and jump back and forth between the red and yellow seats depending whose turn it is.

The layout of the site is a bit sparse and unfriendly at the moment, and is likely to stay that way for the indefinite future. To get to the Java you'll need to log in (which just involves entering a name). Once logged in, you'll need to either create or join a table. Once at a table, you'll need to sit in one seat, and your opponent sit in the other (seats are marked as either red or yellow). Movement is performed by dragging the bee to be moved.