February 6th, 2005


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Today I went hunting for a decent frying pan or wok, our old one having become completely useless due to shedding Teflon into our food over the last few months. Based on a small amount of research, I had decided I didn't want pans involving Teflon, since apparently Teflon gives off poisonous gases sufficient to kill birds, at high temperatures (not far above the smoke-point of grapeseed oil, and apparently temperatures often reached in cooking bacon). Also apparently professional chefs don't like non-stick coatings because they don't brown foods properly (and certainly I don't like them for that reason).

So, I went to a specialist cooking supplies shop, after staying awake for several hours until they opened because it was Sunday again like it always is when I want to buy things, and asked them about pans without non-stick coatings. The shop had two such pans, both cast iron, and both of a stupid useless shape - one extremely shallow wok, and one extremely shallow frying pan with low-angled edges for maximum spilling. And both insanely expensive - the Internet tells me that cast iron cookware is cheap, but the shop tells me that (after a 33% discount!) it's $250 for a completely useless wok.

Presumably the logic of cookware sales goes something like this - on the one hand, we can offer Teflon, which can't be used at high temperatures, will fall apart in about six months, gives off poisonous gases, and won't actually cook your food properly, and on the other hand OH WHAT THE HECK WHO NEEDS ANOTHER HAND, NOBODY WOULD WANT ANYTHING DIFFERENT FROM THAT!

I didn't buy anything, obviously, and came home and asked the internet for cookware instead. I found some delightful cookware via Yahoo's Australia and New Zealand directory - some of the delightful cookware was in New York, which has 'New' in the name so it must be part of New Zealand, and the other good site was in Texas, which is obviously part of Australia for a very good reason. Eventually I found a cast iron wok and a stainless steel skillet at reasonable prices that were in the real Australia, not the crazy Yahoo Australia. Fuck you Yahoo, I'm not putting your stupid exclamation-mark on that's part of your stupid name until you get your countries straight.