March 14th, 2005


(no subject)

I bought a cheap mp3 player for my public transport musical distraction. Good physical design, with the headphones being on short lines inside the around-neck cord, making for minimal tangling. Only 128MB, but that's fine for me - two hours of music covers me for most of my ventures beyond the house, and even if it didn't, I have no problem with two hours of music for six hours of distraction. Nice solid construction of the device, and a lock switch to prevent buttons getting pressed accidentally. All good stuff. Six preset graphic-equaliser settings, which is good in that 'normal' sounds horrible, while 'x-bass' and 'rock' sound decent, and the others are somewhere in between (so if the eq settings didn't exist I'd presumably be stuck with horrible 'normal'). I'm sure music addicts would hate it, but they can go and buy iPods or something.

I also watched Ong-Bak, which was alright. Nothing special for martial arts afficionadoes really, unless maybe they especially like Thai martial arts, but not boring. The martial arts were decent, but the director seemingly had a bit of a thing for filming scenes in the dark, and for doing that "replay from another angle" effect in a weirdly ineffective way. The things he replayed weren't bad things, but the replay effect didn't seem to work. I think maybe replays are usually done in slow motion and weren't here, or something. Or maybe it's that replays are usually of scenes involving big explosions or collapsing buildings that couldn't be filmed twice, rather than of "someone jumping over something".

In other news, Holly wanted me to go to an art gallery. I didn't. The absence of a review of an art gallery that results from this inaction - an absence which is of extreme boringness - makes up for the rest of this post being moderately boring. Phew.