March 28th, 2005


(no subject)

It just struck me that when I finally get my arse into gear and finish my mostly-done current project, I should probably hire someone to work with on my next project. And then it struck me how much of an absolute pain it would be to hire anyone. I don't mean the financial drain of it, or the hunting appropriate candidates, or anything like that. I mean the horrible horrible bureaucracy involved.

I gather as an employer I'd have to do an extra lot of tax forms for some strange tax on outgoing wages (though that might be only an American thing - I might be safe from it here). I'd also have to do paystubs and tax forms for the employee. What if I wanted to hire someone in a different country (which I would, since I don't know anyone here with the desired skillset, and I don't want to hire anyone I wouldn't vouch for, when the pay is coming straight out of my savings)? How much more complicated would that be? I'm betting about twice as complicated. Maybe I'd need to hire an accountant too, but I'm already being leary and irked at the idea of even hiring someone who does work that I want doing. An accountant would be working for the government, basically, and I'd be paying them. That sucks. But the alternative is that I work for the government in the same way, for no pay. That sucks too. The only way to avoid this seems to be to not hire anyone, which has the compelling selling point that my savings could be used towards purchasing an abode, but the downside that I'd really quite like to get some projects finished more quickly, and expansion of my workforce (doubling by adding one!) would be a simple way to go about that.

Frankly, I'm surprised there is any small-business-employment at all that isn't under-the-table. You'd think, with governments apparently liking increased employment and tax revenues, they'd make it easier to do than to not do. Ah well, it's likely that the monkey-wage I could afford wouldn't be enough to tempt anyone I know with the required skillset anyway. Certainly not post-tax and with an additional accountant. Maybe I need to find a dual-class Orcish Programmer-Accountant.