April 7th, 2005


(no subject)

HTML art is fun and painful. It would always be easier to fire up a basic art package and construct my diagrams there, but so much less fun. And I'd have to upload them somewhere, and they'd stay there being annoying files that I'd forget what they are and months later I'd go "what's this file?" and I'd look at it and go "oh yeah, it was that diagram I drew for that livejournal comment that wasn't even very funny", and this cycle would repeat every few months but I'd never delete the file because what if someone was looking in the recipient's archives and found the comment with a broken image link, eh? So HTML art is clearly better because it will be embedded in the text. And it will only take about a hundred times as long as scrawling the diagram in a paint program would.

It's also funnier if someone recognises the stupid amount of effort that goes into constructing a nice HTML diagram. Witness! A diagram for a sarcastic remark about eminent domain and answer on a postcard. The comment's quite far down both times, but you can just scroll down until you notice something that's not normal text.

The world needs more images constructed out of raw HTML. Also, don't forget that livejournal filters CSS 'position', which makes the challenge that much more interesting. Also diagrams should work with any reasonable window and font size, and you get bonus points for diagrams that don't specify a font size or a non-relative width, and still work in most circumstances. Not that anyone is going to play along anyway. Your HTML skills are weak!