May 11th, 2005


(no subject)

Battlefield Baseball is the best Japanese movie ever. Even better than Wild Zero. For some reason the only good Japanese movies are movies involving kung-fu, zombies, and something else that makes no sense being combined with kung-fu and zombies. There's songs, there's explosions, there's someone getting their flesh punched off. Actually there aren't really zombies, there's just some people who are greenish blue and deformed which is never really explained. But they fill the role of zombies all the same. The best advertisement for the movie is to read the incoherent drivel that makes up the negative reviews at IMDB. Oh no there is no real playing of baseball in the movie, help!

A Boy and His Dog is quite fun. Mostly it's the ending that redeems the movie, but the whole is perfectly watchable.

Death Run is so atrocious that IMDB doesn't even know about it. As such it was quite enjoyable. The defining moment of the movie is right at the start, when the words "DEATH RUN" are displayed on screen, becoming larger by, I think, the classic credits method of "moving the camera closer to an actual physical manifestation of the words", accompanied by a voice slowly but loudly whispering "DEEEAAATH RUUUN".