June 19th, 2005


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5 years after All Your Base Belonged To Us in song, it does so again, Bohemian Rhapsody style.

In other news, the stupidest news ('Teleporting' over the internet) since ChatNannies (this page will redirect to an 'expired' after it loads the story, annoyingly). Coincidentally, this time the absurd nonexistant technology advance apparently involves the use of giant nanobots, amongst other nonexistant technology, instead of using magical nannybots. If you're inclined to believe either of those stories, you might also be interested to know that master hypnotist and big fat liar Derren Brown can put people into a catatonic state using a video game and about 6 flashes from the screen in order to play a hilarious zombie-game prank in the real world without the victim being an actor at all, and also I can sell you the Brooklyn Bridge for $5000 if you like. All of you. I have one for each of my readers.