June 22nd, 2005


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Making up for the morasses of meh that were Batman Begins and Mr and Mrs Smith, today's movie was House of Fury. It did many of the same things The Smiths did, only it did them well. Admittedly the plot is more akin to that of Spy Kids, but that doesn't really make much difference, it's not like any of them are plot-centric movies.

If anything, House of Fury's plot is reasonably complex. The premise is simple ("ho ho, a secret agent whose family doesn't believe he's really a secret agent"), but there's a myriad of little details that all play together into interesting bits of foreshadowing and backreferencing, and depth of characters... Well, maybe not depth, but there's character of the characters. Hollywood needs more of that. Smiths' "ha ha, you're not very good at cooking even though you're a woman lol" "well you're not very good at sex because you're a man ha ha do you see what we did there with cliches" doesn't cut it, and nor does Batman's "does it come in black, look at me, I'm a goth because I'm Batman but you'd never guess because that's my secret identity oops I just gave it away pretend I didn't say anything okay". The first thirty seconds of House of Fury (after the credits) is more entertaining than the entirety of Smiths and Batman put together.