July 18th, 2005


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The Fantastic 4 movie is better than Batman Begins. Slightly worse than Spiderman, and for the same reason - the use of a rather bland baddie. Don't get me wrong, Dr Von Doom is cool, he's just not very spectacular in comparison to, say, Galactus. On the other hand, going straight for a Galactus story would be a bit of a dangerous deviation from the new superhero movie canon - that the first movie must always introduce the excuse for the characters becoming super.

I don't like that canon. I'd rather see "you're already familiar with these guys' backstory, now here's an action-packed plot with some proper villains". X-Men came a little closer to that, by virtue of necessity - you can't introduce a large number of characters' backstories one at a time in one movie. This Fantastic Four at least did better than the other one in that respect, with a fairly cursory and swift skim through the silly science that put them in space and the path of COSMIC RAYS. The only thing the previous failed Fantastic 4 movie did better is Doctor Doom's voice, which is a bit too Anakin and not enough Vader in the new movie.

I was expecting to find the Fantastic 4 pretty crap and still say it was better than Batman Begins. Instead, it was a pleasant mediocrity. But I still can't stress enough how much I thought Batman Begins was rubbish, and that all you people who thought it was great were seduced by subliminal messages or something, because the movie had nothing tangible in its favour. It's clobberin' time, I tell you.