September 12th, 2005


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If you use Firefox, and read blogs in and around mine, you've probably encountered the use of title or acronym tags to provide mouseovers. I have always refused to use a Javascript workaround on my blog, because I shouldn't have to, the browser should bloody do it right, and also because the Javascript workaround solution wouldn't work on the Livejournal copy of the blog. But now, a workaround that I don't object to, because instead of fixing pages it fixes browsers. Hooray!

First, install GreaseMonkey - a Firefox extension that lets you put global or filtered Javascripts into websites. Also handy for removing, for example, iframes-of-advertising that keep refreshing annoyingly. Adblock will stop the ads but won't necessarily stop the refreshing. Removing the iframe entirely wins.

Then my modified version of Nik's old moz_fudge script should be installed as a userscript, which, once GreaseMonkey is installed, you can do by right-clicking here and selecting "Install User Script", with included pages "*". If its workings interfere annoyingly with any sites (I haven't encountered one yet) you can simply add that site's URL to the 'excluded pages' list. Hooray, proper working mouseovers like Firefox should have been doing internally 3 years ago!