RavenBlack (ravenblack) wrote,

I've just made a little one-week-game-jam game available on Kongregate. The Tell-Tale Heart. The jam theme was classic literature.

The other part of this post is to help other people integrating Kongregate stuff into a Unity game, because all the documentation for doing that is completely terrible and lots of it is outdated. The best one I found does a bunch of stuff nobody wants to do (dealing with Kongregate payments and inventories) and didn't deal with stats or properly deal with late-login, but it was still the most helpful one. So here's my Unity C# code, helpfully documented, for dealing with Kongregate stats (for badges) and login properly and ignoring payments and inventories! Unity Kongregate API object. Hopefully this will get google-ranked above most of the unhelpful stuff after a while!
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