RavenBlack (ravenblack) wrote,

Damn it Humble Bundles, this is not a description of a game. "The undersea world has undergone a transformation from tranquil environment to a place of unspeakable violence, graphic murder and horrific danger. It is now the 27th century and mercenaries such as 'Emerald' Dead Eye Flint ply their deadly trade among the warring forces of man and nature."

So... is it a platform game then? A shooter? A puzzle game? A hidden object game? Am I going to be playing as a human or a fish or an octopus or a spaceship?

But it's okay because there's also a video which shows ... that there is some 3D stuff, maybe, but it might all just be a cutscene. And there is a ship of some sort, but it doesn't appear to be being player-controlled. Take a tip from Wikipedia, which says in the first sentence "... is a series of submarine-based shooter/simulation games set in the distant future." Still not entirely sure what it's like to play, but "shooter/simulation" conveys a hell of a lot more information than "'Emerald' Dead Eye Flint" does.
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